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Crowns Top Questions

on Feb 22, 2016

hen we talk about crowns and crowns versus fillings, you have to think about the structure of the tooth. Most of the time if I'm recommending that you have a crown, it's because we need to protect the tooth. A crown sometimes called a cap covers the entire tooth, and we have other videos to show exactly what a crown looks like. But if your filling gets really, really, really big you’ve had filled, then you’ve had it filled again, every time you have that tooth filled, then there's less and less tooth. And if I made a giant filling, you go to eat something and the tooth would just break. Fillings are not meant to support teeth in order for chewing. They're meant to be inside of the tooth.....

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Close Gaps and Spaces with Clear Correct

on Jan 12, 2016

Dr. Tamisha Denis: Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Tamisha Denis of Modern Smile and Implant Center. I wanted to give you a quick illustration about how the process of ClearCorrect or Invisalign can close your gaps and spaces. What we’re going to do is we’re going to use a real life example of a patient that I treated that went to the process having her gaps and spaces close and how it worked for her. Initially when you come into the office, we will spend some time talking about what yours needs and your wants are in terms of braces. In her case, what we did is the first time she came in, we discuss the fact that she had a lot of gaps and spaces between her teeth and she wanted to close them. You can see kind of illustrations of what her photographs look like. We do photographs. It not only helps us to see all new ones as of what we have to do in order to fix those gaps and spaces but it also helps to see if she is a candidate for closing her braces with ClearCorrect. .......

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